My Family

My Family
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

swimming swimming swimming

JJ and Theresa, Lydia and Will arrived in the middle of the night/early morning on the 12th.  We've packed in quite a bit of fun already.  Lucas LOVES them and the kids are a perfect age for playing with him.  Ages 5 and 8 and he is 7.  Generationally, it is kind of funny though, because JJ is Peter's nephew. Which makes Lucas and JJ both grandchildren of Oma and Opa.  So Lydia and Will are great grandchildren and are the same age range as Lucas.   Funny how relation is...but in reality, it doesn't matter.  All Lucas knows is he has new "cousins" (which he called his "persons" yesterday).  He LOVES them and they get along really well.

Lucas LOVES being tossed in the pool and since JJ is a little taller---it makes it all the more fun!

Then the kids all ganged up on JJ and tried getting him into the pool....

We topped off the night with slow cooked and grilled spare ribs....I think Lydia enjoyed them more than any of us...

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