My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a Lullaby

We still lay down with Lucas.  It's just something we do and will have to change in the next few months, but it isn't worth the battle right now and it's sort of sweet.

While Peter and Isaac were gone, I began to sing him a lullaby before he went to sleep and he just loves it and is trying to sing it now.  It is just some words I penned one day for Isaac when he was an infant to the tune of Brahm's Lullaby.  It's a little "hokey" but Lucas smiles and loves it.  First he makes me sing it with Isaac's name in it, then Lucas's name in it.

Last night I did not lay down with Lucas, but down the hall from our bedroom, I heard male voices singing.  I walked down the hall near his room and Isaac, Lucas and Peter were all laying in his darkened room singing the lullaby.

Is it wrong that I just sat outiside his room?

and smiled?

The thought of my 16 year old son, my husband and this little 7 year old who has stolen all of our hearts---just laying there singing a sweet lullaby, completely melted this momma's heart.

and goodnight
go to sleep my dear Isaac (Lucas)

rest your eyes
dream your dreams
let peace come to you in sun beams

Close your eyes
close em tight
Mom and Dad are in sight

Close your eyes
close em tight
Jesus Loves you tonight.

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