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My Family
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Melancholy kid with a Sanguine parent makes for some "Fun" times

So if you are up on personality typing, we are pretty certain our boy is what can be identified as a "Melancholy".  Whether that has been a learned response to his environment or he was just built that way we will never know.  But, part of this personality involves a desire for things to be in order.  We've seen this over time repeatedly.
Some examples...
1.  the first day we had him he cried for 4 hours and then went silent and organized everything in his backpack.
2.  Every once in a while he will go on cleaning binges and clear off things and organize things like our kitchen coutner top or his bathroom, etc. (but be careful what you leave lay around, because it might get caught up in the whirlwind and/or tossed away if he doesn't think it's important)
3.  Yesterday, I was playing a game of Nerf wars with him with dart guns.  We were shooting daddy.  And he would not continue play until all the darts were facing the same direction and laid out flat and straight in 2 piles in front of each of us.

So, my personality has a twinge of that orderliness in me, but not enough to overcome the other part which is my "Sanguine" side most of the time.  This means I love social situations, I am not as disturbed by disorder most of the time, I sort of throw up my hands and say "whatever" more than I probably should.  I have a keen ability to walk away from a mess.

I think it is going to be a fun "ride" as we journey together and I try to mess with little Lucas's mind and cause a bit of chaos in his life.  Sometimes he literally gets mad at me if things are not in order. Like the darts for example.  I was teasing him and just grabbing them and throwing them in a disordered pile.  He was not thrilled by that behavior.   Is it wrong that it makes me chuckle?

Ok, maybe I need to grow up and maybe HE can help ME to be a little more Melancholy and clean up my act.  Maybe THAT solution would be more mature on my part.  =)

Either way, it makes for some fun and entertaining play and even cleaning days.  He really sticks to a job and does it quite well.  He sees things that need taking care of and does a pretty good job of it too.  That's sort of handy I must say.  


  1. here is an idea, the next time my husband is out of town, you bring Lucas to my house and let him work his magic! Organize & throw the rest away! His skills are in high demand!

  2. I know his skills are in high demand....I'm learning to appreciate it. I do like things to be orderly too, but I'm not as crazy about it as he is. We all just look at him in amazement sometimes when he gets in a "mood" for cleaning. He does it very well I must say. (sweeping, windex the mirrors, scrubbing floors, organizing toys, etc. etc.) He does leave things lay around the house too. But, if it causes a problem he's the first to go and "fix" it by cleaning it up.