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My Family
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A close call...

Ever look at "those people" at the grocery store that let their kids sit on the grocery cart in weird ways or stand in them?  Ever think "that kid is gonna fall and crack their head open"?    "what is that parent thinking"?

Well, I was that parent today.

Lucas and I were at the grocery store and he was sitting on the cart handle facing me.  He is actually balances quite well and does do just fine.
Until today....
in the parking lot....
next to my car.
He fell face down,
head first
and was sprawled out flat.  He didn't move for at least 3 seconds.  Then he did cry.  But, not for very long.  He looked a tad stunned and he could tell I was upset.  Maybe it was the blood curdling scream I yelled out in the parking lot  "LUCAS"!!!
No blood
But within about 30 minutes he was very groggy and wanted to sleep.  I still believed the myth that you should not let a person go to sleep after a head trauma.  So the poor kid was barely holding his head up and I would not let him sleep.
I went to get tylenol at Walgreens and then called the nurse.  She asked if he had vomitted--no...and if he could speak/had memory of who he was/I was, etc.  All good.  She also said not to give him tylenol, etc. the first 24 hours in case there are any neuroligical effects.  After she clarified things a bit she said he could go to sleep.  He slept about 15 minutes and woke up much more alert.  We will keep an eye on him tonight.  We are suppose to wake up every 4 hours and jostle him to check on him.

All I can say is I have been running through the scenario all day in my head.  I'm not good at just letting things "go" like this.  There is the guilt, but also just the replay.  And seeing his little body face down on concrete not moving for what seemed like an hour (in reality was just seconds I'm sure).  There also is the over reactive part of me in that moment.  With our past history, I rarely let fear overcome me but this was one of those moments where the rush of fear overcame me.

I've been looking at him differently this afternoon.  With yet another level of love and tenderness.

He cried but only for a few moments.  He did let me comfort him.  He asked if the "Police truck" (ambulance) was coming.  or if he needed to see the doctor.  Then he kept saying "it'll be ok", "eets ok", "I'm ok mom".  Trying to comfort me.

I know one thing for sure, I LOVE THIS BOY!  I cannot imagine ANYTHING happening to him.  
And I am thankful beyond belief that God's angels were buffering that fall today.  Things could have been much worse.  And I have much to be grateful for.


  1. so glad our sweet boy is okay. how are you holding up?? totally spent? miss you.

  2. Oh, how scary! I'm glad he is doing okay now. My son fell down the staircase and wanted to sleep. But, that was his shutdown mode when something hurts, he sleeps. He, too, was fine. But, it tears up a mom's heart. I'm glad he let you comfort him.