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My Family
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day...some family fun for everyone (well almost everyone)

So a little family fun for all....well, maybe not so much for Oma, but she was a very good sport about it all.

Chick FilA--a local chicken restuarant in the South, had a fun for all kind of day.  They offered FREE FOOD today for Cow Appreciation Day.  Their whole advertising campaign is about the Cows telling you to "Eat Mor Chikn"  It is quite a cute campaign.

So today in order to show Appreciation for the cows...we dressed up like Cows and got free meals for our entire family.  Yes, I will go to any length to get free food.   =)
Here are some of the highlights from the evening...Lucas thought the whole thing was hysterical.  Isaac not so much...I think we embarassed every ounce of the vegetarian teenager out of Isaac that we possibly could...

(Peter's dad)

Tante Lilli
(Peter's sister)
she said she wore green cuz' cows in Farmville (on facebook) are green...=)


my sweet southern friend Katherine...she even has a cow patterned hat...she is so classy..

Lucas was very proud of wearing a cow tail

our friends the Sanders
(sans momma Sanders--we missed you Amy)

see Oma does have a smile on her face...She LOVED it I just know it.

there's a smile under there.....

and the vegetarian teenager is mortified.

sweet baby B. who was born the week we brought Lucas home, adopted domestically.  We LOVE this little guy...he is becoming part of our "family" here.

this is the craziness we brought to a corner of our CFA....yikes i bet they were happy when we left.

And Lucas ended the night with his FAVORITE!!! A Chocolate Shake with Whipped Cream.  Actually I think he would have been perfectly happy with just a cup of whipped cream...

Totally a fun filled evening...
now you can't beat that....

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  1. Mary has a glare just like the one Isaac has in that picture! She usually reserves it for daddy. LOL

    If Lucas remembers this event years from now, I hope he is able to remember what he thought about his family that day. He is a member of a very happy and a little crazy family!

    Oh, and tell Peter he looks good in his costume. :)