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My Family
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Oma and Opa are Here with Tante Lilli....

Oma and Opa and Tante Lilli arrived 2 nights ago.  (Peter's parents and sister)
They will be here 2 weeks.  I like it when people stay a long time because then the pressure is off to do everything in 2 days.  It's a much more relaxed pace.  And they are great to have around anyway.

When Lucas saw they had arrived the other day, he screamed and went running to the door.  When he met Opa he said "Opa likes peaches!!!"  That night we sat around the table and chatted.  Lucas made sure everyone at the table had Chinese Milk Tea which he served.  He LOVES it so we must ALL love it too.

Maybe the conversation went more like---Lucas chatted and the rest of us listened.  He aired all the "dirty laundry".  He loves to tell stories and some of the stories he tells are either tattling on Isaac or telling about things like this...

Peter and Isaac went camping and when they came home, obviously there is a lot of stuff laying around in our garage.  So Lucas found my small white folding table out there--somehow he knew it was my table ( I do use it for scrapbooking, but I haven't done that since he got here).  It was DIRTY!  I mean muddy, and ground in dirt.  He was NOT happy with daddy about that.  So he decided HE needed to clean it.  He pulled it out, set it up, got a stool,  asked for soap and a rag, got out the hose and began cleaning it.  Daddy was home at the time.  While he was cleaning it he began to scold daddy, even though daddy was in the house, and look at me stearnly and tell me that daddy should not have made mommas table dirty and HE should be cleaning it.  But all the time he was scrubbing like a mad man and asking for more soap.  He was getting more and more testy.  He wanted to go inside and tell daddy that HE should be out here cleaning this table for mommy.  But, still he asked for more soap and kept cleaning.  The table was not getting clean enough for him and he was getting more testy.  Finally, I went and got a "Magic Eraser" (I LOVE those things) and when I did he disappeared into the house and scolded daddy (not acceptable to talk to daddy that way, but there was a bit of funny in it too).  I scrubbed a small portion of the table with the Magic Eraser so he could see how well it worked and then he finished it off and it now sparkles.  The sweet part of the story was his diligence.  But, at some point we're gonna need to teach him to serve with a "cheerful"

These are the kind of stories he was telling Oma and Opa and Lilli.  He loves people and conversation and drinking his Chinese Milk Tea.

Yesterday, we did go get peaches, but Lucas decided to eat ice cream while the others shopped.  Is it wrong to serve a child 2 ice cream cones for lunch???? ok he ate some peanuts in the car too.

more to come....
Today is Chick Fil A "Cow Apreciation Day"---free food if you dress up like a cow-----lets see if we can get Oma and Opa to dress up like a cow.  We are meeting friends there for dinner.  I'll take pictures....

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