My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A pile of pics and fun from the past several weeks

(first, if anyone knows a good way to make a photo album and share it on blogspot, could you please tell me?---I can't seem to find a way to do it)

here are some highlights....

teaching Lucas to play Uno and lots of laughter to boot...

Amicaloloa Falls, GA
(Lilli, Opa, Oma, Theresa, JJ, Lucas, Peter, Isaac, 
Lydia, Will)

silly Opa---

Pensive Isaac

adorable William


me n my boys

"you are silly"

My family
(Lucas -age 7, me, Isaac-age 16, Peter)

Lucas LOVES whipped cream--so we told the waitress at the Smith House to skip the strawberry shortcake for him and just give him a bowl of whipped cream---He thought that was pretty funny---Isaac on the other hand cannot stand whipped cream and was grossed out ---)

Panning for gems at the Consolidated Gold Mine, Dahlonega, GA

JJ, Will and Lydia panning for Gold.

all the yummy fruit we gathered in the past few weeks

I LOVE a full house of people.  and there they all sit in my living room...ahhhhhhhh

saying good bye to Lydia and Will =(

Opa and Lucas share a "moment" on the front stoop

Blueberry Pickin'....

...... and eatin'

Lucas and Opa

Lucas and Tante Lilli

Goodbye Oma....see you soon...

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