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My Family
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Friday, July 8, 2011

"My's" (mine)--and the ever shrinking Chinese vocabulary.

So you know how kids learn the word "mine" and use it like mad when they figure out what it means?  I mean like a toddler--everything is "mine"...

Well, Lucas has learned the useage of that word...except since we say something is "yours" why would we not say "that is "my's?" instead of "mine".  I mean really "yours"  "my's"  and "ours" right?---

Trying to correct it, but it is sort of cute right now.

Oh and he is speaking mostly all English now, but he is holding on to 2 words.

One of them sounds alomst inappropriate and sticks out like a sore thumb now because most of his verbage is English.  We were told by a Chinese woman that it probably means "this, that, those" or something like that.  But it comes out "niga'"  yep....totally inappropriate sounding in a sentence...especially in the South.  YIKES!!!  People will look at me and say, "what did he just say?"  Ummmmmmm......"it's Chinese"  REally....  the only problem is I cannot find the word anywhere when I try to translate the words I listed so it must be a dialect thing or something.

The other one is "shuo"---which means "said, or say".    Not a bad sounding word, but he is just holding onto those two words for some reason.

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