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My Family
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

3pm--we are home!

So the reason my head was spinning was because we waited for 2 1/2 hours to be "taken" and then when the took him in they did not give him any versid or anything before hand and then said he probably would not even need an IV--they would do it all with "gas".

I left him at about 9:40.  Went one floor down to the waiting area and told the guy that sits in that room with the parents that I was going to get some food.

I walked through connecting hallways between the 2-3 hospitals to get to ChickFilA and found out they didn't open till 10.  So I waited 15 minutes.  Then ran back to the waiting area.  I waited about 30 min. and then a nurse came in and said "the therapist is in his room and wants to talk to you".  I thought that was odd, but when I got there, Lucas was there, all awake and chatty like nothing had happened.

Apparently in that 20-25 minutes I was gone from the waiting room, the doctor had already come in to tell me it was done and he was back in the room before an hour was up!

Then they just wanted us to get out of there, but the therapy "dogs" showed up so we had to stay for that of course and then they gave Lucas a new outfit for the Build A Bear they gave him last time, (he chose a Police Officer uniform) so we had to do that.  And by 11:45 we were out-a-there.

So once things started hoppin' it went fast.

Then Lucas and I drove home.

He is doing GREAT!  never went back to sleep since we left.
His legs are very scaley and itchy so that is kind of nasty.

But, he is very interested in seeing what he can/cannot do now.  He is very happy!!!

We keep the ace bandages on till Friday and then put on "stump shrinkers" (why does that term just disturb me?---seems so crass or something)  I think we will call them his "special tight socks".  He keeps wearing those everyday for 3 weeks and we go back for a check up and prosthetic fitting on Nov. 28th.

So there ya go.
Overall a good day!
Thank you Jesus for your many blessings and for covering us in love and protection!


  1. We call them compression socks...they really do help. Exciting days ahead!

  2. Thanks least that is a reasonable term to use. Am I showing my ineptitude and inexperience with "stumps"? It just feels so odd to say that. I suppose I need to come to grips at some point.

  3. So glad things went so smoothly! Really excited about how quickly the prosthetics will be fitted, this is going to be one extra special Christmas!