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My Family
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lucas is hesitant...

Since Lucas had his casts removed 5 days ago, he has been happy and relieved, but also hesitant to do certain things.   He was getting up and down off of chairs with the casts on, but without he is very cautious.

He has no limitations from the doctor.  He is all clear to do whatever he wants to do or is able to do.  But, he doesn't seem to want to put pressure on the bottom of his legs---they do not hurt--checked that all out already.

Today I have been gently encouraging him and showing him some things he can do or try to do.  I think I may someday look back on this and think ..."what was I worried about".

Right now I'm trying to encourage him to be a little more independent--ie going up and down the stairs, on and off the sofa, on and off his bed.  I guess you could call this physical or occupational therapy at home.  I don't know all the things I should encourage him to do, but just like homeschooling, I'm just taking it one step at a time and showing him step by step "how".

Today he went up the stairs on his butt-backwards; climbed onto his bed;  learned he could crawl on his knees; and  got on and off the sofa.  I also tried holding him under the armpits and showing him he is going to need to learn to put pressure on the bottom of his legs.

His knees were bent in his casts and he doesn't seem to want to really straighten them all the way so we are also just practicing that as well.

so, that's the latest update on the boopski.  He's doing great.

I also cautiously asked him a question today that I have not asked yet---"do you miss your baby feet?"
he gave me an adament "NO"....
so there ya go!
For anyone wondering...
the boy does not regret any of it!

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  1. Get someone to snap some pictures of his attempts to stand. We did that and showed Joseph how his knees were still bent. That helped him to see what we were talking about.
    My boy needed some pushing, but slowly we got there.