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My Family
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Shriners apt. report today

GREAT NEWS!! we are all set to get the casts off and pins out next Wednesday!!!

Our appointment went well.  They took xrays of his legs in the casts and we got to see the pins.  They actually stick out about 2" and go into his leg about 4" (sorry if too graphic for you weaker stomached people)...(sharon...)

It was cool to see them and to see everything fused so well.

Today was interesting for us with Lucas though.  Of course he woke up way too early, and then he didn't want to eat anything.  He also has developed these goofy fever blisters on his face and one on his tongue so that could have affected his desire to eat.  But, he got very ornry while we were at the appointment.  We called it as "low blood sugar" and crabbiness from that, but it was sort of weird and out of character for him lately.  It made me realize we really have had very few issues with his behavior lately.

By the time we left the appointment and got to the car his spirits lifted.  I looked at Peter and said "what was that all about?"  then I had my "ah ha" moment.  Duh!  He was anxious....totally understandable.

Peter asked him about it and yep!  That was it.  Just being there and being talked to by nurses, doctors, etc. Even without any real invasive procedures being done, just made him anxious.  We tried to tell him that he can tell us that stuff. Tried to give him words for the future to use...

He does not seem anxious about next week.  So praying he remains calm and excited to get rid of the casts...=)

Thanks for praying!
God is Good!


  1. Wonderful news!
    About the blisters. Our daughter gets a "hive" beside her left eye. I think it might be stress related, but I'm never sure. She is 6 and in 1st grade so I've wondered what is going on under the surface.
    Sounds like next Wed is a big day hope it goes smoothly. We get legs the following Wed.

  2. Awesome news for you Chris and the new close...

    We have been told we will have our fitting 2 weeks after the removal.

  3. I'll never forget when our daughter's pins were removed from her arm, she had two holding her bones, they just pulled them out, just like that. Ugh! I had a much worse time with it than did she, they gave her some Tylenol afterward... she was 7.

    Daniel says "go get 'em, Lucas!" He'll do great! So excited to see the new chapter beginning soon.