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My Family
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lucas is fitted for his Prosthetics

Yesterday, we had our first "fitting" appointment at Shriners for the prosthetics.  All is healed well enough and we moved forward.

He was GREAT!

Here are some pics of the day....

Our Prostheticist (is that a word?)...India...was so kind to Lucas and made him feel so comfortable.
The first step was to measure his body.  They have charts that tell how tall he "should" be and ratios that show what size his feet "should" be compared to his upper body length.  I'm curious to see how tall he ends up being.  As you can see he was pretty happy and excited about this day.

Next she put some special socks on him...

 then inserted a tube before doing the casting...

 Of course Lucas needed to have his own set of gloves so he could "help"

Then came the messy part....and on went the "casting"...

 then off came the cast...

 and on to leg #2...

We had the physical therapist take a look at him while there and she said he is VERY strong...I think we knew that.  But it will work in his favor as he begins this new journey.  His only issue right now is tight hamstrings, so we will work at home the next 3 weeks wil having him sit straight and stretching out his legs.  He also should be walking around more on his legs, so we will encouraging him to do that more and more as well.  She said he will eventually be able walk even without the prosthetics on his own on his legs.  Right now he needs assistance to do so, either our hands or support of some sort.

Our next step is to go back for a 2 day appointment on Dec. 14 and 15 for him to try on the "rough draft" so to speak....They will put his newly created legs/feet on and have him do some physical therapy.  They will look to see if it is a good "fit" and how he is handling them.  We need to do several sessions to be sure it is a good fit, so they want to space that out a bit --some one day and some the next, so we sleep there and then go home and wait for them to finish the final touches and when they are all done, they will send them in the mail....I still think that is going to be one of the most awaited and funny packages to get in the mail....

He won't have them by Christmas, which we had hoped, but shortly of the first weeks of January likely.


  1. I wondered if UPS ever x-rays those packages...anyway, I'm going to give a guess that he will end up about as tall as his reach...from fingertip to fingertip.
    Maybe a bit taller b/c he still has his heel bone and that makes his legs a bit longer.
    Does he get to pick fabric for his legs?
    They take some getting used to...guess I should do a post about how Joe is doing with his new legs.