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My Family
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Friday, November 11, 2011

God’s Provision--Part 2--A Timeline

The story continues to unfold like this...(part 1 posted 11/10/11)

Sept. 2009 The church that our dear friend John was hired at in GA, had further complications and then a flood struck with irreparable damage to the church.  This was a sad hard time for so many people.  
Nov. 2009 the church closed-  John, was unemployed and searching for another position for months.   We walked with them in prayer and with heartache on so many levels for months.  All while living in their backyard.  
April 2010 Peter lost the GA job (again unemployed--it’s been a rough few years for construction guys)--the commercial construction industry was collapsing here as well as residential.  Foreclosures are still everywhere.  The company has since completely closed that division.
August 2010 With much prayerful consideration, John accepted a position in Florida---our dear friends would have to move.  My backyard would be very different.  I  cannot even begin to share the heartache in that...for all of us.  Still.  But, God Provided a job and home for Cz’s.  
Sept 1, 2010 John was suppose to start his new job in Florida but they woke to a flood (have you seen that word before?).  This time in their home here in GA---John left the next day for Florida and Sharon and the kids lived with us for a month until they moved to FL in October.
Peter handled the re-construction of their home for several months.  But, it was another devastating blow for Cz’s and thus for us as well as we prayed some more and often asked “why”?
April 2010-Dec. 2010 Meanwhile Peter was struggling to find employment and began working with a partner in starting up his own new construction project management company.  But, the other guy had other ideas and let’s just say that ended.  We sat again, asking “what’s next?”
Fall 2010-During this time, our adoption paperwork needed renewal for the FOURTH time.  We’d been waiting for over 4 years for our adoption from China.  God led us to switch to the Special Needs Program and we were matched a few months later with our sweet Lucas (age 7).
March 2011-God Provided the means for us to travel and adopt our sweet boy Lucas.  Thank you thank you thank you Jesus!  It was just enough!  God Provided!
January 2011-present-Peter has been working with more due diligence than I’ve ever seen anyone have, looking for employment--either in construction (Project Management) residential/commercial or anything else.  He has pounded the pavement, he has sent out resumes, he has sought out residential remodel projects, etc.   In the meantime he also got himself trained to sell Individual Health/Life Insurance as well as supplemental policies to try to fill in the gaps.  This is a very slow process.  
But, God has Provided.
....painful at times to admit
....not always the way I would choose
....but He has provided

part 3 to follow....

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