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My Family
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

a few updates

Trick or Treating was a blast for the boys.  Isaac and A'belle took Lucas around in his wheelchair as a police officer.  They were out for about 2 hours.  It was chilly---maybe that is why Lucas got sick the next day..=(
I have pics that I will post, but Isaac has my camera memory stick for school so I can't post them quite yet.

Speaking of Isaac...
It's been a few days of craziness around here.
If you recall I posted a few months ago that Isaac was selected to participate in a Governors Scholarship program through his school.
He has been frantically preparing his portfolio and prepping for the interviews that are TODAY!

Praying for you handsome!  We are so proud of you!  This would be such a huge blessing for him as he would have a month of college level classes next summer completely "FREE" and it would help him with other scholarship programs potentially in the future.  HUGE!

Lucas got sick again.--maybe due to the trick or treating episode.
He seems to have this little routine of getting a fever for 24 hours and then being done with it.  But, with his surgery coming up next week I didn't want to risk it so ended up taking him in this time to see the Dr. She bascially said she thinks it's viral.  This time for the first time he ended up with the nastiest looking fever blister though.  youch!

Tomorrow we go to Shriners for our pre-op visit for next Wed. surgery.  We need to pray for complete and adequate healing to be seen by the Dr.'s tomorrow or they won't do the surgery on Wed.  I don't have any reason to believe they would postpone, but anything is possible.  So please pray they see all the needed healing because he is pretty set on being "done" next Wed. am I...I just want to bathe the boy in a bathtub...and be done with the lifting.

Last night we had a talk about the post surgery life.  We talked about swimming and all sorts of other fun things we have missed.  But he is very worried that he will sink and go to the bottom of the pool without his feet.  I reassured him we are not dropping him into 12 feet of water and expecting him to swim the first day.  But that I think he is going to do great!  He will just need to adjust how he swims a little bit.  Then he started getting more excited about the possibilities.

He asked me about how he is going to get around the house for a while without feet and no new ones till about Christmas time.  I said I was not worried about that at all and that I think he is going to figure out all sorts of things he didn't know he could do.  I think I managed to convince him that he really is going to do great.  Which I believe with all my heart!

I'm also working on a series of blog posts on a topic I have not really touched on yet about God's Provision.  It's taking time to formulate and create so that's where I've "been"....I also need some input from Peter on this one.  So stay tuned---

by the way ...where did the warm Georgia weather go???? I had to wear my footie jammies last night.

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  1. Ohh! footie jammies in GA? When he is ready to be upright again.We have been using size 9 kids snow boots w/ a silicon insert (from Shriners) in his prosthesis sock and he has been walking that way for quite awhile now. We have to wrap shoe laces around the boots to keep them on his legs, but he plays soccer and everything (I'm not too sure how much kicking he actually does). Let me know if you need more info...I think getting Joe up on his feet will hopefully make the transition to prosthesis a little less dramatic.