My Family

My Family
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Monday, November 28, 2011

The tender heart of Lucas...

Sometimes we go through our days just as if Lucas was always in our lives.  Even though today marks just 8 months since we met him in that hotel lobby in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China.  That scared teary little boy who had yet to know these strangers who were taking him away from everything he had ever known would soon be sitting on my own couch...smiling and playing with toys.

Today, as I sit and think about it I recall his tender heart for those left behind.  Two nights ago as we sat in our hotel room on our way back from Wisconsin, we were watching a movie on TV and one of "those" commercials came on the TV.  None of us were really paying much attention, as I'm afraid even We have become hardened to them.  It was a commercial for a "Help the Children" organization.  They spoke about how these children live on the streets and are orphans and have no mommy or daddy.  Lucas zoned in on it....and looked at the three of us with those puppy eyes and said, "'dey have no mommy or daddy"....and he went on and on about how sad it was and how they should have a mommy and daddy.  And how he didn't have a mommy and daddy in Mongolia.  Those children need a mommy and daddy.

How could we ever forget?
How could we ever just gloss over a commercial like that and ignore the plea?

Here sitting on our bed was our own very amazing blessing.
And he has a heart for all those kids that have nobody.
He wants us to do something about it.
 I think this Christmas season we will be finding a way...
finding a way to "do something more" and letting Lucas "help" someone who has no mommy and daddy.

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