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My Family
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Friday, November 18, 2011

misc pics--leaves, laughter, Fire Engine 21 and some artwork

A few days ago we were blessed with some weather in the 70's which was awesome for raking leaves and tossing Lucas into the pile.....he had never done that before so I think he had a fun time.  Until he realized he got all full of leaves and then he got sort of obsessed by cleaning them off.  =)

little Charmer

"don't you dare take another picture of me"

"or I'm going to throw leaves at you..."

"look, my legs are all dirty"


On Wednesday we had a huge blessing of a visit from Lucas's favorite fire engine...Engine 21....along with 3 firemen and a fire captain and Karla who coordinated the whole thing.  Lucas LOVED it!!!

FireMan Andy carries Lucas around to look at his favorite Fire Engine--Engine 21

Lucas pretending he is flying the emergency helicopter while sitting in Engine 21

our sweet friend Ms. Karla who coordinated this sweet event for our boy!!!Thank you so much Ms. Karla you're the bestest!!!

Lucas the Fire Captain!

Lucas decided to do some FireEngine Artwork with soap fingerpaint in the bathtub that night

and then there is this.....Homeschooling with Lucas is .... let's just say "entertaining"


  1. He is so stinkin' cute! And I love, love the Tozer post. So true.

  2. So glad this happened, yay! I know they all fell in love with Lucas and it surely made their day too. :-)