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My Family
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Friday, March 16, 2012

A blog worthy day...

You know how some days we just go through and nothing really profound happens and it is "just another day"...
and then
There are days like today that seemed so "blog worthy".

First I start with some of the "yuck"
I don't always know what causes profound reactions in Lucas.
But, today he had a pile of meltdown type reactions to the word "no"...he wanted to do something, and I stuck to my guns and said no because I really had to.  He has to learn there just are times when "no" is the answer.  I won't go into all the gory details, but it was rather ugly for a good 45 minutes or so.  But, it is definitely better than it used to be and does not last as long.  He also actually responds to the consequences too, which is a big step.  I mention this because of what happened at the end of the day which is also a cool change that has evolved over the past few months. (jump to the end if you want to know)

He did get over it and we ended up going to a local school festival today.  Lots of fun for Lucas.  I just wasn't thinking when we got there they would require cash or check to pay for the rides, etc.  So as I realized that, I told Lucas we needed to turn around and go home.  I felt bad but just didn't have any cash along.  As we were about to leave a lady in front of me said "I've got it covered"... I was stunned and didn't really know how to react.  It was a $15 wristband.  She paid it in full.  Even if I did have the cash along, I'm not sure I would have bought the whole $15 wristband because we are pinching pennies.  Lucas had a blast.  The lady selling the bands said, "you know you need to pay it forward TWICE...she was a stranger, and she blessed you"....I agreed...then said "Thank you Jesus" outloud!
In those circumstances, I totally see God's unexpected Provision.

While at the festival we had some interesting interactions with several people because
Lucas is Mr. Friendly. 

He has few inhibitions and introduces himself to random people, asks them their name, tells them his, and shakes their hands.  He just loves initiating conversation with people and asking them questions about themselves or how they are today.  So many people complemented him on his kindness.  It was so sweet. (and yes we have had the "stranger" talk with him)

He got a chance to go on several bounce-house type things and there were a few ocassions where I wished kids could just mellow out and be kind.  There were way too many kids in some of them.  Lucas took his shoes off, but kept his legs/feet on with socks.  But, since his ankles really don't bend, he struggles to get up the bouncy ramps.  If someone bounces on it while he is climbing he really has a hard time climbing, and nobody would cut him some slack.  To be fair, they didn't know... But, the 
Mother Bear in me wanted to just yell at all of them.   I finally realized Lucas was figuring it out (and doing a little yelling on his own too..=)...I wanted to tell the kids, "hey, just slow down a little bit and let the kid have a moment to get up the slide".  But, the reality is, he is going to deal with these things in life, so I watched closely, but he handled it very well.

After watching Lucas during this festival for an hour and a half, I left with a very happy boy that loved all the fun.  I was carrying him as we walked to our car cuz he was a little worn out and I said:

Me: "Lucas, you know what?...."
Lucas: "...I'm an amazing boy....dats what you gonna say, right?"
Me: "dats right"

I guess he must have been reading my mind.  I was reflecting on all he was doing throughout the evening and just "being Lucas"...I love dat boy.

and to end the day there is the....
Daddy Confessional.
Lucas has a habit...
If anything goes haywire during the day--ie. school issues, or discipline, etc. he feels a need to tell daddy about it when he gets home or right before bed.  I don't tell him he has to tell daddy, he just brings up the issue and tells him what he did.  It actually is a pretty good habit.  He feels a need to confess to his dad whatever happens.  As he refines this habit in his life, I'm praying he sees the importance of confessing to God his sin, and recieving the sweet forgiveness He offers too.

and finally, just a little funny moment tonight.
I never heard Lucas do "einie meeine minie mo" before.  Tonight he was deciding which glass of water to give daddy and he said

"Einie meenie
(pointing to each glass back and forth with each word)

well, that works....if you only say "mine mine mine" you don't end up needing to share right???
lol  It was so funny...

oops one more thing...
Isaac had a new friend over tonight.
Lucas was getting ready for bed and after he took his legs off he asked..."Does she know about my circle feet?" He didn't want to go downstairs unless he knew it was ok I guess.  I just told him "it's just who you's really ok, but yes she knows"

Sometimes I write a blog entry just to remember...
and today was one of those days.
It was a blog worthy day.

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