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My Family
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Lucas Climbs a Tree.....

Apparently there was an "Emergency" that needed tending to....
Dressed for 
Lucas took it upon himself to climb this tree and take care of business.
I gave him a boost for the first level, then he was all over the place rescuing "cats" and whoever else was stuck in the tree I guess.

Lest anyone think Prosthetic Legs will stop him from doing all things 
Guess again!
For some of our "new friends" reading...
He has only had these "new legs" since January and only been really wearing them regularly for about 4-6 weeks.
Yesterday, I asked him, if he ever misses his "little" feet?
I also asked him if his little feet ever hurt him before his surgery.
He said "yes"
The thing is, you have to know he NEVER told us that before the surgery.  
He didn't know any different, so I'm guessing he is just relieved that pain is gone.
And besides there are "emergencies" that need tending to....


  1. I am so glad he got his new legs before he was any older/bigger. I think part of Joe's difficulty is his size and the weight of his legs...because he needs to be this height (does that make any sense) He does not have the muscle to maneuver his legs into climbing trees. More goals for this summer

  2. I'm sure Joe will gain the muscle tone he needs over time. Like you said the bigger they are the more muscle they need. Lucas's lower legs really are about the size of a 2 year old. I think his "little leg" is only 8-9" long (when he doesn't have his legs on of course). Even at age 8, with his legs "on" he wears a size 5. There is a lot less to manuevre with that. Your Joe has also been through extra procedures that have taken a lot of his energy. Praying for you that he will gain strength.