My Family

My Family
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Easter Parade

Our subdivision had an Easter Parade and egg hunt this weekend.  We got Lucas's favorite Fire Engine..Number 21--to come lead the parade while all the kids walked, rode bikes, etc behind them.  Lucas was in his glory...

Lucas is in the orange shirt...riding next to the Easter Bunny...

 then there was the Easter Egg Hunt...

And Engine 21 stayed for quite a while, and Lucas just ate up all the Fire Engine time he could get.  These firemen are the BEST...Firemen..Nick, Mark, Jeb, and Dale were awesome!! Thanks guys!!

This is Lucas's sweet friend Logan the Easter Bunny Fireman..=)

Eventually the guys did have to leave...But, Lucas was right there saying good bye.

 Then he wanted his face painted like an elephant...

 Lucas and his friend Emma...the elephant and the piggy...=)

Lots of fun for everyone...=)

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