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My Family
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Lucas quotes-Part 1

Over the past 6 months or so I decided to start writing down some of my favorite Lucas quotes.  I'm sure there will be more so I'm calling this Part 1.  Maybe every 6 months or so I will post them again...

Sept. 2011
laying in bed cuddling with Lucas, and Buddy the dog too.  Buddy starts licking me and it bothers Lucas so he tells him..
we protect girls,
we don't lick them.."

a few days later, Lucas got in a bit of a funk over an issue that came up and we have been trying to get him to label his feelings and tell us what's going on.  I think he is getting it cuz he came up with this all on his own...
"You hurt my heart"
oh my...that's a heartbreaker.

Oct. 18, 2011
"Mommy, Do you know what?  Today you look like pretty girl..."

Lucas to Grandma when she came for a week long visit from Wisconsin....
"Why don't you just move right here already?"

Lucas: "Daddy married you long time ago."
me:  "yes"
Lucas: "I can't marry you anymore.  I'm too late."

While eating lunch today...
‎"mommy, sometimes my tummy with food inside can dance...."
then he aske Me: "How 'bout your tummy? does your tummy have feet that can dance?"

Lucas from the backseat of my car while eating Krispy Kreme...
"I love it mom...
I just love it...
I just love you know dat?"

heading outside for Lucas to try to ride his bike (footless)...per his request.
He said "ee fee"...I wasn't sure if he was trying to say something in English...
then I said "was that Chinese?"  he smiled and said "yes"...I was stunned.  He has not been saying anything in Chinese and claims he can't think of any of the words nor does he understand it anymore. (after just 8 months)  I said, you spoke found a chinese word...
He said:

"I found one, I can't find a whole bunch...."

Lucas was talking about Isaac graduating from high school next year and getting married.  (no plans on Isaac's part, but Lucas is obsessed by making sure he does get married at some point)

"well, He won't get married if he doesn't cut his hair
dat's da trut'"

I was frustrated and could not remember something.
As I am inclined to talking to myself I said..
"My brain is dead"
Lucas heard me say it
He said 
"Alright!  We need to call 911"
then he said:
"Say....My mom's brain is dead....10-4"

"Sometimes I can "Chuke"---(pretty sure that is a combination word---choke and puke"

"You are da amazing mommy I never seen."--after opening his birthday presents today.  

on our way out the door...
putting on Lucas's army guy jacket he got for his birthday.
I went to zip it up.
and he said "no"--
not a defiant thing, but with a grin
And I said "why not?"
with a twinkle in his eye he said: "cuz I wanna look fancy
so apparently not zipping your jacket is "fancy"...???

Talking to our neighbor and "helping" him tell his wife what a good cook she is.  He told the man "this is what you do"
With a big grin on his face...
"First you try da food. 
Then you say:  "Honey you are a genius cooker""
He is so proud to give this retired man advice on how to appreciate his wife of 38 years....=)

(he says I'm a genius cooker all the time thanks to training from his dad)

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