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My Family
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Psalm 78-- in reverse...

Today we read Psalm 78 (which came to mind because of what Pastor Louie said yesterday at the LIFT conference)

A portion of it talks about how the Israelites were not grateful and whined and complained and forgot all God had done for them.
As we read it
I thought...what can we learn from this?
I thought... if only we could flip this whole mess around and look at Psalm 78 in reverse.

For example: vs. 10-11
they did not keep God’s covenant 
   and refused to live by his law. 
11 They forgot what he had done, 
   the wonders he had shown them.

What if we could, by the Power of God of course, do just the opposite and not make all the errors the Israelites made?

What if these verses in Psalm 78 read
"And they kept God's convenant, and willingly lived by his law."
"They remembered what he had done, the wonders he had shown them."

What if God was so overjoyed and please with them that He he blessed them beyond belief and was not displeased by their disobedience?

What if WE could live like this?  What if we recalled and remembered all God has already done and stop being so whiny and ungrateful?  

I'm going to take Psalm 78 and look at the verses that refer to Israel and their disobedience.  I'm going to flip around the errors made by the Israelites and pray them back to God.  Asking Him to help me remember all He has done.

Grabbing hold of God's promises today and remembering.

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