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My Family
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

washing feet...

Today there were some pretty serious issues in our house.
Things that needed some "consequence" both for a big boy as well as a "little" boy.

Can't go into too much detail on the issue in public, but suffice it to say, consequences fell.

We have suspected for a long time that one form of discipline Lucas was accustomed to in China was cleaning.  Often times when we would have big blow ups, he would just go into auto pilot mode and clean something.  It was as if the issue could not be over until cleaning occured.

So, today Lucas did something and told us about a boy in China that had done a similar thing and what the consequence was for it.  By the way he just really learned that word consequence this week or at least it connected with him and he is actually using it appropriately now.  After the boy in China did this thing, his consequence was to wash everyone's socks in the orphanage and wash their feet and their faces too.  This was a Big deal to Lucas.  Truth be told, I would not have used this consequence for this infraction.  It didn't seem "logical" to me.  But to him it was a big deal.

So, tonight....
Lucas washed our feet
and then he asked to also wash our socks.
He proceeded to show me "how" to wash socks, and let me tell you, he could get a job doing it.
At age 8 he has skills...just sayin'---not sure if that is good or bad--as in --How much experience have you had and "why"?
As he did that it was as if a load was lifted off his shoulders--His mood lightened.

Then when he came and sat down next to me afterward, I told him I loved him, and that he was a wonderful boy.
He said, "I'm not a wonderful boy, do you remember I did...X...?"
I said, "yes, but do you know that I forgive you and your sin is washed away just like that dirty water we dumped down the tub?"
He then began to spontaneously sing "Oh Happy Day...Oh Happy day...My sin is washed away..."
I said, "Yes, That is It Lucas! That's exactly it"
(I did not teach him this song---I think it came from Passion Kids--his Sunday School class)
I LOVE the way the Holy Spirit speaks in and through this boy.
the way He speaks and directs even the discipline of our boy.
Like I said, I never would have chosen this form of consequence but it was PERFECT in bringing repentence and resolution and restoration to our boy.  
God is so good.  Bringing Grace even through a difficult day.


  1. Hello Heidi. I recently posted on the Yahoo Group about my daughter, Ruthie's, cleft feet. I have had many interruptions this afternoon sitting down to read your blog and all about your amazing son! WOW! I am so encouraged by your scripture, honesty and love! Ruthie's feet do look similar to Lucas' feet, very tiny. I would love to talk more if you have a chance before I go to Greenville to talk with Shriners. Thank you for reaching out and for being so honest in your post ~ this is such a hard step as I feel we are headed toward amputation. I absolutely LOVE her twinkle toes! My email address is Thank you again! Ashley Perkins
    PS I am looking forward to the children going to bed so I can read more. Your family is beautiful!

    1. I emailed you...I'd love to chat...