My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

weird humor

We have a really weird sense of humor in this house.
This morning Lucas wanted to put on a different pair of shoes.  Normally, you'd think "no big deal" right? well, the pair he wanted to wear are actually slip on shoes and are hard to get on sometimes.  I was struggling to get them over the heel, and without thinking--but pausing before I actually did say it, I said...
"I think your feet grew"...Lucas thought that was pretty funny.  Ya gotta have a sense of humor sometimes right?

We've also had that moment when Lucas has a leg in his hand and jokingly pretends it is a sword and wants us to pick up the other one and have a sword fight together.

Another thing he thinks is pretty funny, but the rest of us don't is stepping on our feet...
Sometimes he will put his foot on top of ours and try to smash our feet, cuz it's funny to see us yelp I guess.

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  1. i love it!!!! (maybe that's because i have the same sense of humor??)