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My Family
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lucas's growth records

I am probably not the best parent sometimes
I just never really looked closely at Lucas's growth records in his Chinese documents
Today, as we are approaching 1 year with him home, I started digging for info and think I found it.

Our sweet boy was so tiny.
He still is at 8 years old and just hitting 45 lbs.

Here is what I found
Age       Weight        Height
5days     5.3 lbs        17.7"
3 mo.     8.8 lbs         21.3"
6 mo     13.2 lbs        23.6"
9 mo     15.4 lbs        24.8"
12 mo.  15.4 lbs        25.2"
18 mo   16.5 lbs        25.6"
24 mo   17.6 lbs        27.2"
30 mo   19.8 lbs        27.6"

I would suspect the height to not change much and be affected.  And I suppose it lines up with missing bones in your legs that you would not grow in weight also, but zowie....from 9-18 months he gained just ONE pound and from 18 months to 2 years just one pound.  And little boopski was only 5 lbs at 5 days old....oh do I wish I could have been holding him and feeding him and nourishing him during those formative days.

at 7 years old when we got him last year he was 40" and 40lbs.

Today he is 45 lbs and 42 1/2"

and that is AFTER his surgery which removed his feet 6 months ago (I don't think he lost much height at that time since they kept the heel pad, but maybe a little bit)

Thanking Jesus for growth and development today!!!

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  1. Wow, and with that diet of doughnuts and whipped cream too!