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My Family
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

...and then school started

Monday was Isaac's first day of school for his Junior year in high school.  Man, where has that time gone?  He has a pretty easy load this semester I must say.  Almost all of his electives ended up in first semester.  Next semester is gonna be killer but this one is a breeze for him---all art classes except Physics.  Now if I can only convince him to grab a few pieces of classical literature to read or something this semester.  He has virtually no homework.  Hopefully he will get a lot of hours at work to keep him occupied.  Sometimes I wonder about the mentality of the "system".  But, then again, he did choose these electives.  All of them are to prepare him for his desires to do some sort of graphic design/photography/videography, etc.  He's still trying to decide what direction he wants to go with his life.  And he may need to work to support himself before he goes to college anyway.

He has had some real interest in his work already which has been very cool.  He has one company interested in purchasing a photo he took to put on some t-shirts.  He has someone else interested in putting a design he drew on a t-shirt.  He has been doing a lot of aprentiship type work with a professional photographer he knows.  He's already making his way in this field so it is fun to watch how it progresses.   Right now he is working toward purchasing a really nice digital camera--professional level stuff so that he can do even more.  It will take a while to gather all the funds, but we think it will ultimately be a long term wise investment.

on another note:
Lucas started his first day of Homeschooling yesterday.  I am gonna blog about that---since I photographed a lot of it.  But, I need to use my time wisely this morning while he is still sleeping and go for a run.  Structure is good for all of us.  It is good to get back into some semblance of order again.

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