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My Family
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Gotta' Keep Dancin'

Not sure why I feel led to post this other than I have a friend experiencing some deep physical pain right now and it reminded me of a book that I read 20 years ago.  You Gotta' Keep Dancin'  by Tim Hansel

here is a link to it on Amazon:

I am not experiencing "pain" per se right now, but there are some hard things with adoption that are challenging and hard to understand---primarily the unanswered questions about our boy's past---the 7 years we were not together--the events of his life, the people who influenced him, the loss he  has faced--I ask myself "why"...."why does a sweet young baby boy need to experience all of that before we find eachother--before the Lord puts us together?"  Why so much pain for him, and so much time for us to wait----FIVE years before we "found" eachother.  And in the midst of the questions and wondering there is pain.  There is pain in our boy's past.  There are circumstances we could not control.  There was pain and heartache in our losses.  There was the waiting.

Ultimately I don't think I always responded with "joy" like I should have.  But, in recalling this book I have a few favorite quotes that have stuck with me for some time---I just wanted to share them....

"In the midst of life's hurts you can choose joy"
"pain is inevitable, but misery is optional.  We cannot avoid pain, but we can avoid joy"
"One of the most exciting things I know about joy is that it can be restored, no matter how impossible our situation may seem. "
     re: Psalm 51:12--Oh Lord restore unto me the joy of your salvation"
"God is in the restoration business"

a few other favorite quotes: (Carey Scott)
"True joy is given to us because of our relationship with God"
"Spiritual joy rises from within the soul and is not based on circumstances"
Neh. 8:10  "The man who strives for wisdom and knowledge will find joy"

Just felt led to share that today.  I am not really sure why.  But, there you go.

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