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My Family
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

tidbits and fun facts....

Just a few tidbits and fun facts:

**"someone" taught Lucas this phrase the other day....
"No way Jose"
and it has come back to haunt me multiple times.  I have to say it is very funny when he says it.  It just rolled off my tongue about a week ago, and now the "parrot" has it and won't let go.

**Lucas LOVES if we could just get him to say "Cup" cake instead of ....
"PuckCakes" ---again, very funny and sweet...he just can't get it to roll off his tongue the right way.

**speaking of things on the "tongue"...
The other day we went to FireHouse Subs to get food and they have a multitude of hot sauces you can choose from on their counter.  Isaac thought it would be funny to give Lucas "85% Pain" hot sauce...
As soon as it hit Lucas's tongue he hit Isaac with his fist and said:
"Isaac you broke my tongue"--
gotta say, I would have punched him too so couldn't blame the kid for that one.

**If you recall, several months ago we talked about how Lucas had turned his back on Mongolia/China.
Well, lately he is obsessed by telling us about all the things he used to do there or have there.  He will say:

"in Mongolia--have 'dis..." or "do 'dis"
so he obviously is not tossing it all out the window and is letting us in on his past life.  This is part of the eb and flow of life with an internationally adopted child.

**Yesterday he picked up a ladle and said it was called a "baba doe" (I have no idea how to really say that)
and when I looked up ladle on google translate it didn't come up this way.  But, whatever the case he thought it was hysterical when we began to play with the words.  Because "Baba" is daddy in chinese.  So we would say "baba's baba doe"...etc.  He just thinks we are crazy I think.

**Last night at the swimming pool, Lucas swam at least 2 full laps of the pool the long way.  I mean swam.  By himself. Deep end to shallow end, without touching the bottom.  This from a boy who hadn't stepped foot in a pool until this spring.  This from a boy who has just blossomed right before our eyes.

***Also, I have to say over the past several weeks we have seen some pretty significant changes in our boy. I didn't write a lot at the beginning about the "fits" he would have.  He didn't have a ton, but we had our share of hitting, kicking, spitting, and the ocassional bite.  Now, with his added language development and bonding and attachment coming along quite well, he is using his words more.  We have a ways to go, but overall he seems more at ease, and can get through "issues" more quickly and more sanely.  

Thank you Jesus!  I am totally serious.  We also have seen a huge leap in his faith and talk about God.  I think this is a huge reason his heart is settling.  He feels the love of God, he experiences things in prayer, he LOVES to sing praises to God and lift his hands to worship.  His level of faith is amazing.

And finally a drum roll please....
as of 
August 6, 2011
41.4lbs (lost a pound)--
43" (grew another inch since June)

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