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My Family
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Friday, August 26, 2011

I HATE shots....

Lucas had 2 immunizations yesterday.  DTP (or whatever they call it now) and Chickenpox.  They decided he was "good" on the other immunizations for now.

He didn't flinch really during the shots.  And most of the day yesterday was great--no complaints, etc.

Until....around dinner time.  He began to look blurry-eyed.  Then he felt warm so I gave him some ibuprofen.  He went to bed ok, but said his arm hurt---that is a big deal, cuz normally he doesn't say much.

At 1:30 a.m. he came into our room whining and crying and complaining and he was HOT!  Took his temp and it was over 103.  Ibuprofen and soon he was asleep again.  Then at about 9 a.m. same thing 103 range fever...called the Dr. cuz I really don't remember my kids have that high of a fever at this age from immunizations.  She said yes it could be.  Another high fever showed up at about 6 pm.  More whining, complaining, lethargy, etc.

I didn't fully believe her so we ended up in urgent care tonight for 2 hours.   Long story short he is ok but he is definitely battling high fevers and lots of pain in his arm.  He is so tough normally, that I cannot imagine how much it must be hurting him and how uncomfortable he must be.  He may have a secondary thing going on--she did a throat culture (came back negative), but overall it really could be the immunizations.  Now we know I guess.

He has never been afraid of shots/needles, etc.  But now he knows/thinks all of this pain and ickiness is related to the shot (which it likely is).  I wonder if he will give us more grief from now on about needles.

more "fun" at the Jundt household.

Oh, and Isaac had another gig tonight and I guess it went REALLY well and a lot of people gave them great feedback.  So proud of him yet again!!  love my boys!

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