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My Family
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lucas's first day of school 2011--Grade?? TBD

So, I'm playing around with a new video thingy to post pictures.
It's really addictive and fun.  Here is my 2nd attempt.  The first one is actually gonna cost me money and I haven't paid yet, so you have to wait on that one for a little while, but this one is free cuz it's 30 seconds long.  I highly recommend them.  They are fun and easy to make.

Lucas's first day of school was August 9.  We haven't really put him in a "grade" per se because we anticipate he is going to learn rapidly and don't want to label him yet.  He is doing kindergarten work right now and learning how to be "in" school.  How to do the work he's asked to do, etc.  Sometimes that is challenging, but it's improving.

His first day was also our little Buddy-dog's 7th Birthday, so of course we had to make cupcakes and have friends over to celebrate.  Batman even showed up...
here's the fun....

Lucas's first day of school August 2011

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