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My Family
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Friday, August 12, 2011

No TB Meds Necessary

Here's the full story again.

TB test done in China flared up to 10mm which is the breaking point for further testing and suspision that Lucas could be a carrier.  OR that he was exposed. OR that his BCG (TB) vaccine caused the flare up.  They let us "go" in China by reading it as a "9"--I LOVE that nurse---we could have been "stuck" in China.  I am so grateful to her on so many levels and thankful to God that we didn't have to go through other testing there.  I also watched how they measured that test.  It was the raised bump they measured and not the entire red area.

Jump forward to May--another test done here--by inexperienced people.  Long story short they measured the entire red area and it showed up and was recorded as a "24mm"...I questioned it, but was told "if the Dr. did it, then it's right"  ummmm I don't think so.  Nobody even searched for the induration.  They just measured the whole red area.

He had an xray and it came up clear.

They wanted us to go to the health department for treatment.  I hesitated, but made the appointment, then it got delayed.

After I mentioned this on our blog, my neice, Holly, who is a nurse practitioner mentioned the Quantiferon (sp?) Gold blood test to me.  That got me on a roll.  I did research on it and talked to the Dr.  But, everyone was inconclusive on it.  I really wanted to do it, but the Dr. wouldn't do it.

They said he needed to do preventitive treatment for NINE months---Medication I did not want to pour down him if not necessary.  But, they basically said I had to.  Yes it was our choice too because who wants to take that risk?  TB is serious stuff.

Jump forward to August--last week.  I finally got in to the health dept.  I explained the whole scenario---
After LISTENING to me.  Yes, she actually listened to the whole scenario.  She said, well, if I were you, I would just have the blood test done.  Like "why wouldn't you"?  I questioned it's validity, etc.  She said "it is what WE use"  ...and might I add, they are Public Health professionals.  In other words, they would be taking some pretty serious risks to the population if they thought this was a questionable procedure.  I was so relieved.

The results came in the mail yesterday.....

Can I just say, if you EVER have reason to question or get a second opinion DO IT!  Use your knowledge and instincts and prayer and counsel and persue what you think is best.  We just avoided some very strong drugs flowing through our boy!  THANK YOU JESUS for helping us find the right people along the way to give us wise counsel--
Thank you Holly for bringing that blood test to the forefront of my mind and helping me persue it.


  1. I am so glad you stuck to your guns! I would take a copy of the results, write in large letters,
    YOU ARE LAZY & ARROGANT! Your ego is greatly hindering the care you are supposed to be delivering to your patients.

    And I would walk it into his office, and ask the receptionist to deliver this to him and give you Lucas's medical files.

    But that's just me!

    So glad you didn't have to give Lucas all those mess!

  2. Wow! I cannot believe what you have been through with this TB thing. Ivy's skin TB showed positive in China, very obviously. They did a Chest xray and she was fine. When I got back I told our doctor, and he said, "She will probably always test skin positive because of her being vaccinated in China." So, we've had no issues at all. No health dept. either. I'm glad it is all taken care of.

  3. I think it's more like "naive" and out of their league. I'm not an "in your face" kind of gal. But, I am definitely going to let them know what happened and hope they use the knowledge given to them for future reference. I also have learned with the vaccine issues that they are out of their league. So that will be the next hurdle to tackle. I should have gone with my first instincts and gone to an Adoption Clinic right from the start. But the only one I can find is 2 hours from me. I may be taking that trip anyway.

  4. Cheri, with the skin test postive in China, your doctor didn't do another one here? AND they said it was ok? And didn't recommend meds? That just goes to show ya' there is no clear defining answer. The blood test was our best move yet. And I would highly recommend it to anyone else facing similar issues.