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My Family
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Monday, August 1, 2011

"Let's play Friends"; Coca Cola; A Braves Game; and Painting Lucas's room

Thought I'd share a few pics from the past few weeks activities....

so after all our company left on July 20, Lucas wanted to "Play friends".  He packed a backpack and went out the front door and rang the doorbell and had me come to the door and welcome him...He wanted to set the table outside on our deck and eat food out there.  He kept talking to me in the sweetest voice and saying things like "hello friend" and talking like I was company.   This is all very cool for several reasons...  One being it's "pretend" play; one being that he must have loved having our company here because he wanted to pretend they were still here;  and also because it was just fun.

a few days later we went to the Coke Museum for a visit--thanks to Tante Lilli leaving a free pass behind for us.  That was "sweet".  Lucas tried almost all the 154 flavors I think---he is VERY thourou

we found this to be so cool---a display in the main hall of the museum of traditional dress of people from Inner Mongolia.  Coca Cola does a lot of work all around the world for various people groups.  This was about a teacher.  

getting ready for the 4D movie about The Secret Recipe (hint---it's not revealed in the movie---just in case you wondered)

taste testing.

Last week we enjoyed some free tickets to a Braves Game---we lasted ---ok I lasted 2 hours and then said "I think Lucas has had enough" (is it wrong to use the kid as an excuse to leave the game?)  I'm not a huge baseball fan and it was STINKIN' HOT!!!  Just to be fair---the game lasted until TWO O'CLOCK in the morning (fortunately the Braves won).  So we never would have lasted till the end anyway.

 and then last Thursday, my sweet friend Katherine took Lucas for the day, while I painted his room finally.

the "boy" seeing his room after being painted for the first time.

the "touch" of approval

then he wanted to put all the face plates back on...he is quite handy with a screwdriver.  Why the shirt on his head???I have no idea.

I have to take "final" pics yet---but wanted to get these up now while I had a little time.

Aunt Linda comes tomorrow for a fun fun to come.......

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