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My Family
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Twelve Days and Counting!

Well, I was wondering how long this would take.  And frankly I'm sort of surprised it took until now for him to attempt this and succeed.  We only have TWELVE DAYS till casts come off, hopefully.

Yesterday he was the happiest little "camper".  Playing in the livingroom, watching his favorite TV show "Emergency", and just being all around great!

But, he wanted to go upstairs to his room to play.
No problem.  I was ironing up there anyway so it worked out well.

Then I had to go downstairs.
He wanted to join me--but didn't tell me.

The next thing I knew he was down the stairs.

He had wiggled his little butt and held onto the railing and silently slid himself down the stairs.
Maybe I shouldn't be posting this on a public blog for fear the orthopeodic doctors could chase me down and arrest me.  =)

Then Mr. Houdini decided it would be a good idea today to get himself off the toilet by himself.  I didn't even hear a thunk.

Oh and he scooted himself all the way to the front door to let the dog out today.  A helpful getsture, but I'm not quite sure how he openned the door....



  1. My 5 year old son scooted himself all around the house while in a cast. My 1 year old daughter removed 5 casts in 2 weeks after she had surgery on her hand. The docs called her Houdini and gave up casting her. It was a waste of time. Amazing what kids can do when they set their minds to it! 12 DAYS!

  2. I think he would have these casts off if it were not for the pretty major bend at the knee. I think they did that on purpose...they said there are a LOT of "Houdini" children out there that just slide 'em right off. Cheri, it sounds like your daughter was exceptionally great at it--even at age ONE!

    I'm actually surprised these casts have weathered as well as they have. We have some wear on the bottom but that is about it. Now the inside, that may be another story. I know he's pickin' at the cotton in there, cuz a few spots have bare casting inside.

    11 days.....