My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Wonderful Welcome Home and Provision--

I came home to God's Amazing Provision...
a spectacularly clean house...thanks first of all to my husband and teen son...
and also to the delayed use of a gift my husband gave me last year at Mother's Day for 2 hours of cleaning by 4 people.
He also had roses in our bathroom and flowers in our kitchen.
All the dishes were out of the sink (that NEVER happens in our house--cuz I stink at that but I LOVE it!)
ALL the laundry was done-except what I personally brought home of course!
Does it get any better??
oh YES!
The pile of mail I sorted through...
had a delayed paycheck for a little bit that I worked back in June.
Then 2 rebates came.
A "MYSTERY" Visa gift card.  Someone just randomly sent a rather substantial Visa Gift Card to me that arrived while I was gone.  How am I suppose to say Thank You???  Well, if you are reading this whoever you are...THANK YOU!!! What an amazing blessing!

God is so Good!

A wonderful welcome home!

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