My Family

My Family
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 10, 2012-Green Lake and Good Friends-Menomonee Falls, WI

Today we start with a classic tale from the halls of my daddy...
Many years ago our entire family went on a cabin vacation farther north in Wisconsin.  My dad took Isaac out on the boat fishing and they found this rock in my dad's boat.  Isaac asked my dad..."Who's Rock in the Boat?"--he thought it was hysterical because he was a total punster.  So he painted the words on the rock...this thing has been sitting at the cottage now for probably 13 years!! But a fun reminder of my daddy and his dry sense of humor!

On to our daily adventures...In the morning, Linda, Grandma and I headed out on a journey to go to find a cool candy store in Montello.  There is a beautiful waterfall in the middle of this quaint town which is really a throw back to days gone by.

We used to go to here all the time.  I remember it being cheap.  Not so much anymore.
These mints have a story. There was an elderly man that lived near us in Fond du Lac where I grew up.  His name was Mr. Curry.  He was a rather tall man and had a strong personality, but he was also very kind to me.  He always had these mints and would give them to me.  So when I saw them at the store I had a total flashback to my childhood and this sweet old man.  The mint is harvested in the area, thus the name "Montello Mints".

 the inside of this classic candy store...

We stopped for lunch after getting a tad lost for a while in search of the Amish Grocery Store.  Only in Wisconsin do you get 
Beer, Brat and Cheese Soup!

 Lucas made a freind -- I know 'shocking'...he asked his name and the man said "Robert".  Lucas said "your a bad guy"...I was a little taken aback and tried to cover the tracks a little.  Then it dawned on me..he thought he said "robber"---lol.  I told the man and he laughed.  But, he had this entire restaurant filled with locals all chattering about him.  He made friends with everyone as he asked questions and told them a few things too.

 photography by Linda...
 not sure if you can make this out but that little speck on the road is a horse n buggy.  Didn't want to be disrespectful of the Amish and their desire to not have photos taken.

not something you see everyday...
 We had a good time shopping, got back to the cottage did a quick last boat ride, packed up and drove 2 hours to Menomonee Falls where we will stay a few nights.
I had dinner with my "besties"  Khris, Kristen, and Janice from college.  Love my ladies!!!There's just something about having "history" with people that makes life so good! And Kristen is an amazing cook!
Lucas stayed with Oma and Opa while I was gone but ended up at the cousins house overnight.  Love that he can do that here...

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