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My Family
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Fond du Lac--July 6, 2012

We left Tushaus’s and travelled to Fond du Lac where grandma lives (my mom).  I was born and raised there until I left for college.  So it really is my “home” town.  It’s a very nostalgic place for me to return to.  Some things will never change there like the cool lighthouse built in the 1930’s.  
Lucas and I went to the top and took some pics.  

we left Grandma at the bottom...

Apparently there are things to shoot from atop a light I brought along my sentinal....
sunset atop the lighthouse...

Then we went to the other end of the park and played on playground equipment including some swings that looks like they have been there since I was his age. It was cool to take some pictures of him (and me) on those swings.  
Some of the equipment is gone, probably due to some safety hazard---like the giant metal slide that towered over my head so many years ago.  I’m sure there was some major danger with that bad was an AMAZING and very zippy slide back then--SUPER tall and shot you straight down so you landed on your butt.  Although I must say VERY HOT in the summer time.  It is gone but, I do think the swings are still the same.  (except the cool "horse swings" we used to have--those were awesome!)

somehow my butt doesn't quite fit in the swings the same way it used to...

Echoes of days gone by...

then monkey man had to show his prowess at swinging and crossing the bars.  He would not quit until he got all the way across because "that's what firemen do".  I think it took him 10+ tries to get all the way across.  Normally he does it right away, but I think the fact that these were farther apart and moved made it more challenging.  Mr. Determined once again accomplished what he set his mind to accomplishing!!

We ended our evening, which was the topper to a record setting 105 degree day here, at the infamous Gilles Custard.  My mom tells the story of when it opened and how they lived just a few blocks down the road in their first apartment.  They were so poor as a young married couple (mom 18 and dad 23) that they ate Campbell's soup and crackers.  The Markowskis ,who they rented the aparment from, lived downstairs and would bring them custard.  They thought they had "died and gone to heaven"...all this 60 years ago when they opened...
Now here’s my question...why can’t they make custard like this anywhere but Wisconsin?  Is it really about access to the milk?  I mean they have ice cream all over the country, so why has nobody brought amazingness like this to the South?  It is a good ole fashioned Custard Stand. This ain't no ice cream mind you.  It is rich, creamy, amazing goodness.  You pull up, turn on your lights for service and someone comes to your car, or picnic table to serve you. Sort of like Sonic but better.  It’s the “original” and it shows.  The people are very authentic midwesterners.  And the food is cheap and delicious!  Lucas ordered a hot dog, french fries a root beer and vanilla shake.  Yep he ate it all.  Me?  oh ya baby--a TURTLE sundae!  AM A Zing!!!!
Yep probably gonna gain weight on this here trip

 yes it was as amazing as it looks -- tho a tad melty here due to the heat!

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