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My Family
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Shriners Apt. - check up-x rays

We had an appointment for Lucas on Friday just for a check up and to stay on top of alterations, etc that need to be made on prosthetics.
First, an update on his size and weight.  He is currently
43" Tall
46.7 lbs.

According to current measurements his lower legs have grown 1/2" in 6 months and his upper body has also grown 1/2".  Those were the only things they measured.  So because of that, he needs new prosthetics already.  So Lucas got to "play in the mud" again and fitted for New Legs.  He will try them on at the end of July and again they will arrive in the mail at the beginning of August or so.  

Here is an xray pre surgery August 11, 2011 with him just standing on his little baby feet (yes there were feet in this picture) He really couldn't stand straight because that little right leg (here shown on the left) made him tip to that side--being 2" shorter than the left leg (shown on the right here) Notice the severe "bowing" out of his legs.

This was June 29, 2012.  6 months post surgery.  I call this xray the Xray of Hope!
Note:  He had his prosthetics on for this x ray which help him to obviously stand straight.
          He also has had the plates in his knees (seen here) for about 9 months and they are obviously working to bring his legs back in line.

The doctor was impressed by his progress with the plates that are in his knees. We go back in September for a recheck and potentially an appointment to have the plates removed.  
Thank you Jesus for all you have done in Lucas Phsyically, Emotionally, and Spiritually in such a brief time.  Only the Great Healer could do such things and lead us to people with such skilled hands.  
These are the times when I always get reflective and think..."what if we had never followed what God directed us to do?"  Where would our precious crazy boy be? What would those legs/feet look like 10, 20, 30 years from now? I see such hope and potential in his life with this xray.  
Thank you Jesus!


  1. Praise the Lord! What a remarkable difference. I hope he has a Guide to be a fireman already, 'cuz he is a likely potential candidate-to-be!!!!
    Thanks for sharing on this miracle. God bless.

  2. How far he has come since God brought him to your family! It will be fun to see how God uses this little man in the future!