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My Family
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 17, 2012--heading home

Yesterday (7/17) we left Wisconsin and began the drive back to Georgia.  Oma and Opa are coming back with us so I had a car full of stuff and people for the drive.

and poor sweet "Bessy" my 12 year old mini van with 236,000 miles on her was weighed down!!!
I'm hauling us, oma and opa, and about 400 lbs of grain etc for me and a few friends in GA (yes I said 400 lbs and I mean it literally)

 and for your entertainment...I bring to you Underwear Boy!! talking on the phone to Aunt Linda...Yes that is underwear (clean) on his head

 here is some "photography" brought to you by Bored Boy in the backseat of the car about 2 hours into a 8 hour car ride...

 And FINALLY we arrived at our hotel.  I got a super great deal on a hotel--highly recommended for this kind of trip with a kid.  It is a Comfort Inn with a small waterpark in Shephardsville, KY--just south of Louisville.  Not a huge water park.  Just enough to entertain and get the crazies out of a kid who has been in the car far too long.  But, totally visable at all times to mom who is sitting on the bench since she drove all day.

 Sitting next to a "tree" at the waterpark, from a distance, I could see Lucas talking to a little girl.  She was the brave one that actually asked the questions at the pool this time.  I saw him put up 2 fingers and then point to his legs, meaning "I had 2 toes" and they did surgery, etc. etc.   Then off they went to play.  I had one parent ask me about his "club feet"--nice guy.  But, had to clarify that one a little.  Which is fine.  I love to answer the questions instead of having all that wondering go about.  The biggest thing I did notice tho was a lot of smiles.  I think the truth of the matter is --most people are just amazed cuz he runs around like a crazy man and just happens to not have feet.  I do have to tell one funny moment...
He was playing with a ball with some kids and having a blast.  At one point shortly after this photo, he stood up right on the edge of the pool and tossed the ball like a soccer ball expecting to hit it with his foot....ya, that didn't really work.  I think he realized you do need feet of some sort to hit a soccer ball....=) made me sort of chuckle because it was as if he didn't realize it wouldn't work but he might as well try.  He just jumped in the water and continued to play, but it made me smile.

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  1. Oh, how fun! We made that drive just last week, but headed east after Kentucky. Safe travels!

    I have a honda with 200,000. I'm hoping for 100,000 more!