My Family

My Family
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 5, 2012--more friends

We left our sweet friends the Foleys and went to visit with the Tushaus family.  It was so great to relax and just spend some time with good friends.  I wish I could spend a good 24 hours with many more people.  I love that kind of one on one time. 
I think one of my favorite things about our time with them was how close Lucas is becoming to his good friend Josiah.  He will turn 9 in August and Lucas will turn 9 in January.  So they are virtually the same age.  They played so well together just like they were best buds forever, much like my relationship with Josiah’s momma and daddy.  It’s just amazing to me that they connect so well considering Lucas has only been in our life just over a year and only met Josiah for a few hours last Fall.  God is so good!  Connections across state lines that last for a lifetime.

Lucas got ahold of my camera and took pics of the kids...=)
sweet Aliyah

 Lucas boy and his boy toys

Crazy Josiah--I'm sure completely prompted by Lucas to writhe on the floor like a crazy man=)
 And then there was "Wii"
 this is some serious work goin' on here...
 Right before we left we had a Super Hero attack...

 and a few silly hugs before we left...
 me n my friend...=)  I miss her...

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