My Family

My Family
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Monday, July 9, 2012

July 8, 2012--Green Lake, WI

Let's start with some of the beauty of Wisconsin--Green Lake....

Scott and Alexi and her sister were here when we arrived at my mom's cottage.  

Scott immediately took Lucas on the boat fishing.   He didn’t last real long--they had one 
But it was on Lucas’s bucket list of things to do on this trip and they had fun.  Scott was great and just pulled up anchor when Lucas was “done”.

Randy and Barb (my other brother and sis in law) came also, and had a yummy grill out--
brats, grilled chicken, hamburgers and salads.

love this pic Lucas took of my sis in law Barb...she has the most gorgeous smile...always her!

Lucas engaged Alexi (sis in law) in some softball pitching.
Then Randy got involved, and eventually I tossed a few too.
LOVE this pic of Lucas winding up...

me n my crazy big brothers...

After we ate we went back out on the boat to some more “lake adventure”---Tubing!
Lucas had no idea what he was in for until we got out there.  
Once we started pulling him he just screamed with delight.  He wanted to go faster and faster and faster.  

Eventually he pooped out a bit OR just wanted to see us “old” people out there, so I got on the tube---I’m afraid I’m gonna have whiplash tomorrow morning.  I’m already feeling it in my upper back. (9:30pm).  
not sure why, but I don't seem to be floating on top of the water as much as

Even Scott, my brother who is 14 years Older than me, braved the tube.  I wonder what tomorrow will be like for him???

All 3 of the guys decided at one point it was a great idea to jump/dive off the side of the boat in the middle of Green Lake and swim and roughhouse together. 

my handsome bro--Randy

Lucas had to take a pic of me...=)

 Such a Beautiful Day!  and so much joy!  It was wonderful!
After dinner, more baseball, 

 Then a FISH STORY!!!
Scott took Lucas out on the boat fishing again until dark...
When they got home there was a wonderful “fish story”.  Lucas caught two fish while on the boat with Uncle Scott.  Unfortunately, he was the last one to put my memory card in and it didn’t get inserted all the way, so there are no pictures..thus it remains a “fish story”.  
But, I did go down to the boat and see them with my own eyes before they were released.  You are just gonna have to trust the 3 of us on this one.  
Scott thinks they were both White Bass.  
We did measure the biggest one before we released it and it was 17”.  
The other one was probably closer to 10 or 12”.  

I was smiling as Scott told me the story and I saw the joy in his eyes that they had success tonight.  He will go to work tomorrow so this was Lucas’s last opportunity to fish.  (I can’t go because I don’t have a license and it is way too risky here to fish without one--DNR is crazy!)  
Tonight reminded me of what my daddy would have done with Lucas.  Gone now 7 years, it is a little sad that he can’t share in his personal joy--Fishing.  But, with my big brother taking that role today, my heart smiled.  It was like my daddy was here with us.  Thanks Uncle are awesome!

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