My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Saturday, July 28, 2012

...and then there was Daisy...

about a week ago...
Isaac told us he had a friend whose cat had kittens and they were trying to give them away.
With one sentence....
"Can I have one?"
Peter succumbed in a moment of weakness...

May I introduce you to
Ms. Daisy...
an adorable 
8 week old kitten
(Opa fell in love with her right away)
and so did we all.
She is stinkin' cute 
has a wonderful sweet, playful personality.
Technically, it is Isaac's kittie.
But, oh how sweet she is with all of us.

 Isaac asked Opa for a name and he pronounced her a Daisy!! so let me introduce her to you...

 She has been "home" 3 days.  Today was the first day she has really been running around the house and Buddy the dog is keeping a close eye on her.  The "Fat Cat" (Nemo) is pretty much just ignoring her.  I'm just happy there's FINALLY another GIRL in this house!

Buddy and Daisy getting aquainted...
and a little closer look...

 kittie on alert

 posing nicely for some photos

precious sleeping baby 

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