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My Family
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 11, 2012-Menomnee Falls, WI and Milwaukee Zoo

The morning started out with a precious baseball game that Will played (Peter's nephew's son-age 5) Lucas loved watching him play.  Will, Lydia (his sister) and Lucas are "buds".After the game we headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo.   We always came to this zoo when I was a kid--even from over an hour away.  It's a wonderful zoo.  Bigger and more spread out than Zoo Atlanta, although both have great things to see.  I realized mid trip, that I had taken my memory stick out of my camera and hadn't replaced it, so all the pics from today are brought to you by Theresa (Will and Lydia's momma)---=) Thankfully she had her wonderful camera along and we were able to snap some great shots of the kids and animals.One thing I really wanted Lucas to see and understand better was the milking process.  uh hum..The reason?Well, a few weeks ago the topic came up and I realized he was a tad confused.  After we finally got the understanding that cows do produce milk---and that milk comes from an area "under" the cow.  I realized he thought it came from a different "part" that only boys have...........So, time to educate and clarify while we are in Wisconsin....Here is the cowIt is a GIRL cowThe big bag under her belly is called an "Udder"...The process is called "milking"and this is how it's done...=)I think we are good to go now!We saw a movie and then also saw the actual process of milking done "live".  Even Lydia, age 9, had a little education yesterday when she realized we milk only girl cows and that the process gets going after a cow gives birth and they take the baby away from the momma.  

Of course no trip to a dairy 'farm' would be complete without indulging in some yummy ice cream...
Next, a little petting zoo action..

love this pic she took of this elephant!

and this bear splashin' in the water...
Of course we had to ride on the infamous train.
me and sweet Theresa...
Will and Lucas
Doesn't every playground have a cow you can climb on?


Our last stop was the Ape House.  ok yes I have been known to call Lucas a monkey.  But, I had no idea the

He was a little screwy today and bordering on the edge of the crazies...yes it's all catching up with him. I was getting a little testy toward the end of the day when he decided to climb over a 4 tiered railing that was elevated 3 feet off the ground.  I didn't want to startle him so I was just using my "voice" when I said...
"This is not a place for climbing fences"
to which he promptly responded--I mean without missing a beat...
"Then stop calling me a monkey"

touche'!  It bordered on disrespect, but at that point in the day it was time to let it go and frankly it was awesome timing and very funny.  Humor won!
This gorilla looks like he is "done" for the day too...=)

The story behind this little baby Gorilla?  We brought Isaac to this zoo for his first birthday in 1995 and for many years after that.  We always took a picture of him next to this little gorilla.  When I get home I may search out some of those pics and put those sweet baby pics up.  But, it was so sweet to have Lucas sit here and have his picture taken too...

We came home to a tradional "Opa" feast--barbequed rotiserrie chickens on the grill.
Lilli made a "dirt cake"...
The Maas family we spent the day with--nephew JJ (Peter's sister's son) Theresa, Will, (Lucas) Lydia
Right before bed, Oma came out with a "surprise" for Lucas.  She made him a crocheted afgan...He loves it!!! And it is ALL HIS!!!

How precious is that?

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