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My Family
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012--Green Lake, WI- more adventures w/Aunt Linda and Grandma

Lucas slept until almost 11...hmm I wonder why?
I got some treasured alone time at a coffee shop while Lucas and Grandma had some "quality" time....hmmmm how did he end up with my camera while I was gone???well at least he got some good shots of the inside of the cute little cottage--apx 750 sq. feet.  Everyone calls it "retro".  Not sure I like that so much considering my parents bought it when I was 14 and some of it hasn't changed since...

Linda came.
We went out on boat for some more tubing--Lucas tried all kinds of positions on the tube that made the view from the boat quite funny...note the footless legs sticking up behind him =)  love this boy!

 "someone" is getting quite brave...

 Then we headed across the lake with Lucas as the “captain” of the boat  (and me as first mate--don’t worry Scott your boat was safe...=).  
Linda, Lucas and I spent time on the beach.  

 Well, maybe I should clarify...Linda and Lucas spent time in the water and I spent time laying on a beach towel absorbing some rays ...(no pics of that one thank you very much!)

  but I started noticing peaceful the clouds

 and the birds...

 and my flip flops next to me...
 simple pleasures

Captain Lucas did a little more boat driving and we headed back to pick up grandma and go out for pizza.  
But, first Lucas did some hair stylin' with Aunt Linda...

Have I told you how much I love my sister and her openness to the "crazies"? LOVE her flexibility and willingness to "play" such a gift to us and particularly to Lucas this week.

While we were at the restaurant Linda asked Lucas what was the best thing about his time with our brothers yesterday.  
Lucas said: 
“They let me do everything I want to do”---
now THAT is

he added...”and the baseball” “and the food” “and I love my uncles and my aunts and Linda”  
But, the first comment was the funniest by far

A little touring around the village of Green Lake brought us to this place...oh ya...memories there.  I was a waitress there back in my college days for a summer while I lived at the cottage.  And for those wondering...I was NOT a Heidel Honey--I cannot sing and dance-
 and then there was this story...(I have so much to learn)

After dinner we stopped in the quaint little town of Green Lake at an ice cream parlor that has been around for 22 years.  I have to say this is quite a story....(a bit long but worth it)
When we walked in, we were “greeted” by 2 people who have obviously been running the place for all those years.  They looked a tad worn and not very happy.  Then we asked if they had “small” shakes and they said “no” and “only one size” in a short tone.    Then the man proceeded to try to throw Lucas off the trail by saying, “do you want me to tell him we are out of milk?”.  I get that, but it wasn’t in a kind way.  It was in a deceiving sort of way.  The way it was delivered seemed a little rude and I said “no thank you”.  I don’t like to just lie to him like that. 
So, Linda decided to share it with him.  It really was no bigger than the average shake.  But, it was overflowing the top of the cup with no cover and when he grabbed it, it spilled on the counter and down onto the floor.  The owner did not look pleased. We cleaned up what we could and then a group of other people came in so it suddenly became crowded too.  
We sat at our table and began grumbling.  Yep, totally my lead.  ARGH! 
I was being a mother bear, and started grumbling about "these people who obviously don’t like kids, or messes"--blah blah blah.  
Have you ever had that moment when you look in your kid's eyes and you see your "ugly?"
Well I did!
Because, Lucas got a sneer on his face and began complaining too.  I totally saw myself in his face.  Double ARGH! 
So I said...”we need to stop complaining and we should pray for him.”  
So, Lucas took that literally and took the in right now!  
We sat and prayed for the man to like kids while Lucas lead the prayer. 
He prayed Jesus would help him.  It was the sweetest prayer.

Shortly after, the man randomly waved at Lucas.  So Lucas wanted to pray again and thank Jesus.  Awesome!
Then, the man came close to our table and had to bend down to clean up the remaining mess that was on the floor by the counter where the ice cream spilled.  I suggested to Lucas that maybe he should go talk to the man.  So he did.  He apologized to him for making the mess.  And the man was very sweet and told him 
“That’s ok, I make messes all the time here”.  
Softening was happening in both us and him. 
Lucas went over to talk to him a few more times and we eventually even saw smiles from both he and his wife.  
Grandma was crying by now.  So moved by Lucas’s sweet heart.  And Lucas started welling up too because he was so happy and saw grandma crying.

As we left, Lucas told the man we prayed for him.  Then as we headed out the door he had to peek around the corner and ask the man one last thing... ”Do you believe in Jesus?”...
the man said “yes”.  
and another smile from him.
and Lucas said “good” and gave him a thumbs up.  Relief for Lucas!

After Lucas went out the door, I stayed behind and just told him a tiny portion of Lucas’s story.  Again the man was very friendly and kind and sociable.  Next thing you know...we were taking pictures with them both...
I’m still shaking my head at how the whole thing unfolded.  
I was delivering some pretty stinky “fruit” with my original reactions and judgmental thoughts.  But, Lucas helped all of us see what a little kindness could do and how Jesus can transform and change a situation even as we are in the midst of living it.  To God Be the Glory!

Now doesn't he look like a kind man??

So the story continues outside--although on a different note...
When we got to the outside of the store, we were going to take some more pictures and some kids were entering that were wearing “crocs”.  Linda made a comment about "..the kid’s shoes."
 And mom got all flabergasted and confused because she had already missed the moment.  She couldn't see any shoes outside and could not figure out what Linda was talking about.  It was probably a "you had to be there moment" but  we started to crack up laughing because she was so confused and when she realized how confused she was about something that had long passed already, we were almost all on the floor laughing....thus these pics.  I LOVE my momma’s sense of humor -- particularly her ability to laugh at herself.

Doesn't she just make you want to giggle???

In the car on the way home a funny “sister” moment...
Linda began singing randomly as she is often caught doing.  
The song went something like this...
“Pizza, Pizza, Pizza Pie...
It will give you...
Black Eye”
Scary part?
As she stared to sing it I already finished the song in my own head with the same last lyrics.  
That is just frightening...

Ended the day with a Nanny McPhee movie.
my favorite quote from the movie...

Directions on how to Diffuse your bomb...
“Three simple steps to an explosion free day.”

why was that so funny?  I was practically on the floor laughing.

and yes, we eventually laid down to go to sleep.  Lucas kept climbing into the single bed I was sleeping in to cuddle with me and ended up sleeping there all night.  
As we were about to fall asleep we were talking about tomorrow. 
 I said, “Tomorrow, more adventures Lucas.”
He said,
“Really mom do we got to have more adventures?"
out of the mouths of babes...I guess 11 days of adventures is a lot for a boy...and we still have a week to go...hold on tight Lucas!!!!

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