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My Family
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

4 days post surgery

God's healing hand and all the prayers of the faithful continue to bless Lucas.

Today he was pulling himself up to a sitting position all day long by himself and playing with toys while sitting on pillows on the floor in the living room.  This was HUGE!  He complained very little about pain and when he did we had the solutions we needed and have been pulling back on the narcotics already.  Trying to get him off those as soon as possible.  He also ate more food.  

My sister Linda and I went to Passion City Church today and were overwhelmed by the love and support for Lucas.  I stopped by the Passion kids area and there were kids at a table making cards for Lucas.  Shannon, the leader of PK told me that they showed pics of Lucas to the kids and had them pray for him.   It's a tad overwhelming and humbling to see how God is using this sweet boy to touch hearts.  To God be the Glory! Truly, it is for His Glory to be seen as Lucas "walks" this journey (pun not intended)

One sweet friend gave us a bag full of goodies from some local police officers and firemen she knows--including a cool fireman helmet, a firemen piggie bank, some cool military pins and EMT pin, pencils and coloring books...all very cool stuff to sir Lucas.

Buddy the Fireman Dog
(wearing the helmet from Lucas's Build a Bear fireman)

Gifts from the Local Firemen/Policemen

Lucas sitting by Aunt Linda watching Toy Story 3---ummm I think we have watched this movie 6 times since Wednesday...

In so many ways I feel like a bystander in this whole process.  I'm seeing that Lucas has a story.  It's his story to share with others.  It is a story of God's redemption and restoration.  I will be here to help him carry that torch, but it's his to carry.  humbling so so humbling...

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  1. I'm just now figuring out this whole blog thing, hence the late arrival in seeing this.

    What a torch that will be, shining so brightly for Jesus. What a very special person, I am so honored to know him and follow his progress.

    Keeping him and the family in our daily prayers, for God's grace and blessings upon you as you navigate unchartered waters.

    With all of our love,

    Lisa & family