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My Family
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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Contortioinist "Sleeps"--

Since Lucas has been home one of us has been sleeping with him or he is sleeping on our floor in our room so we can tend to his needs.

Last night I was with him in his room.  Thankfully, the pain has reduced and that does not seem to wake him up as much anymore from that.  But, he still needs assistance if he needs to use his bed "potty"...
and last night the issue of itching woke him up several times and he was very restless.  I don't know how to help that really when it is at the bottom of the cast and it is bent at the knee.  How annoying for him.

Last night was the first time I saw him rolling around and changing positions on his own.  If you have ever slept with a small child you know what I mean.  They can end up crosswise on the bed with their feet in your ribs.  Well, in Lucas's case....he is rolling around and thrashing about with massive casts on his legs that he flails around like a maniac.  I woke up at one point with him laying sideways across the bed ON HIS TUMMY with one leg sprawled out sideways and the other one sticking straight up in the air.  It looked so uncomfortable but he was sound asleep.  It was like a contortionist move.  I have no idea how he got himself like that or even stayed like that.  But, the interesting part was that he DID!  He was moving his legs and body enough to get into that position.  That means that he must not be hurting as much and feels he CAN.  That is actually good in some ways.

I almost got up to take a picture but I didn't want to disturb him further...
see I do have self control with my camera afterall.

The other thing that I think disturbs his sleep (or at least mine when I'm with him) is the rubbing of the casts together.  It's sort of a scraping sound that seems to disturb sleep.

Now, we need to figure out another sleeping arrangement because I was hanging off the bed and woke up with a neck cramp....
I think we need to get a monitor or something so we can let him sleep alone and can still hear him.  The ever changing saga at our house.


  1. BEnedryl for uncontrollable itchies

  2. We have a monitor you are welcomed to borrow. I'll try to remember to drop it off Tues.