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My Family
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

fever and fun at the ballpark

Lucas woke up with a fever this a.m.  Bummer.
I checked with Shriners already and they don't seemed concerned at this point. He has no other symptoms right now so we will see how the day goes.

Last night I did take him to his friend's baseball game and he had a blast.

He sat on the ground and played with one of his other friends and really didn't pay much attention to the game, but I think he was just happy to be outside and he is certain he will be on the team next year at this time.  He was non stop chatter about playing baseball next year.

It was really our first experience out in "public".  Time for heads to turn I guess.  Some people just look at us and smile as they walk by.  The kids are the most "open"....One young boy about age four said "what happened to HIM?"... as we were getting out of the car...I know that is what a lot of people were thinking, but of course they would not  Who would?  I just told him he had surgery.  Then he was off and on his way.

Lucas later started chatting with a lady and her kids sitting next to us and told her everything. I think she was a tad blown away but she handled all the info quite well.  I will let him take the lead on that one.  He is very confident and doesn't seem phased at this point by any of it.  He gets to share whatever he wants at a time like that and I love it!  Sometimes I need to interpret a few gaps in the conversation, but overall, he loves to share.

A few more things trickled in through the mail yesterday and Lucas LOVES it!  He just loves to open packages and cards.  When I read "I'm praying for you" he lights up!

and to top off the night...a baseball much better does life get than that???


  1. he reminds me of isaac in that picture! so cute.

  2. i know, it is funny how he has taken on some of Isaac's goofy