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My Family
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Lucas "reads" me a story

ok, it technically wasn't "reading", but it is still significant and a tender moment for this momma.

Tonight Lucas was laying in bed and wanted to read to ME instead of the other way around.  He cannot read yet.  But, he took a Berenstien Bears book and page by page he very seriously looked at the pictures and made up a story and "read" it to me.  It was a tad disjointed, but there is such significance in this for several reasons.
1.  He could not stand books when we first brought him home 6 months ago.  It was sad to me.  But, the reality was it was just another reminder to him about what he could not understand in this new world.
We just kept trying and even just stopped trying for a while to give the kid a break.  But, eventually with enough language understanding, we were able to introduce stories to him.
2.  We LOVE reading books to our kids.
3.  He stayed on task from page one all the way to the very last page.
4.  His vocabulary is developing to the point that he could look at the pictures and tell me all about a wide variety of things on the pages.

As I laid next to him, my mind wandered a bit because I was in awe as I watched him look so seriously at this book and "read" it to me in a language he has only grown to know in 6 months.  He really wanted to share this story with me.  I told him how great he was doing and he said that the reason he could do this was because mommy and daddy always read him stories.   There was such encouragement in that for me (which I will also share with Peter).   Sometimes as a parent I get to the end of a day like today and look at all the mistakes I made and can beat myself senseless.  We had some ugly moments as we attempted to do some schoolwork.
Then the Lord just provided....
He provided a tender moment like this to seal the day with a reminder of his mercy and grace.

ya gotta love that!


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