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My Family
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Friday, October 21, 2011

"Young Man"

somehow we have unintentionally ingrained a concept into our son.  Apparently calling him "young man" is not very nice.  I think at the beginning of his time here I said things to him like "don't even think about it Young Man" or "stop talking to me like that Young Man", etc.

Now even if we say "you are such a sweet Young Man" he considers it offensive.

But, sometimes it is kind of funny.  Like today....

Grandma was talking about Lucas playing so nicely with his toys and said something like.  "look at how nice that nice Young Man is playing with his toys"

Lucas became a tad irritated...and offended....
and said:

"I call you grandma,
you call me "young man"...
that's not very nice"

Sorry, but that makes me chuckle.  Maybe it was a case of ya' gotta be there.

So head's up to all you sweet and kind people out there---don't ever say Lucas is a 'young man' no matter the never know what response you're gonna get....

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