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My Family
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

precious Chinese moments

Today, we were listening to music on my ipod while doing school (handwriting =).  When the music was interrupted by some Chinese phrases I still have left from when we went to China.  (I'm lame when it comes to cleaning up my ipod)  They are just some key words and phrases we used to communicate with Lucas in our first days together 6 months ago.

Lucas's ears perked up.

He started speaking and following along with the phrases.  This is the first I've heard him speak (and willingly understand) Chinese in months.  He was listening and then translating for me what was being said.

This was very precious to me because he has refused to speak it, and in some cases has, unfortunately, forgotten the Chinese if I ask him "how do you say this in Chinese".  But, with the phrases being spoken clearly on the ipod he could still translate.  I LOVE this!  I am going to continue to expose him as much as I can and possibly go back to using our Rosetta Stone with him so HE can teach ME some things as part of our homeschool too.  LOVE IT!!!

I can't tell you how cool it was for him to sit and listen, say the phrases and then sweetly explain to me what was being said.  This is what I LOVE about homeschooling--we make and have time to appreciate these sweet things in our day.

Another surprising thing happened regarding school today.  Lucas decided he wanted to do double his work so that when Grandma comes tomorrow, for a week,  he can have a day off.  I didn't even make that an option--he came up with it all on his own.   Took me by surprise but, hey...why not...totally cool with that!

Just a quick update regarding his healing/legs, etc.  Our biggest "enemy" right now is still nighttime itching.  I had to get up at 2 a.m. to stick my fingers down into his casts to just give him a little relief.  I did not scratch, but it must have been soothing.  Eventually, I did have to resort to Benedryl again.  But, I really don't want to drug him for the next 3 weeks.  Looking for any more suggestions people may have to help with itching.
I did notice today as I was massaging the inside of his cast that I got down to an area where he must have tape on his leg.  Yikes....he is all bandaged up with tape, etc. under there in addition to the casts.  It makes sense, but sure seems like it would be very uncomfortable.

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