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My Family
Summer 2015

Friday, October 21, 2011

Life with casts on--more contortionism

Lest anyone think that casts are slowing this boy down.......during playtime with grandma yesterday he was being a complete goofball...

I actually caught him at one time yesterday ON HIS KNEES trying to reach for something.  It did not hurt him, but I still was thinking maybe that would not be a good idea.  The strength and flexibility this kid has astound me.  Not much is getting in his way right now other than climbing on furniture or cupboards or running down the street or going up and down stairs.  I've finally convinced him that he needs to put pillows on the floor first if he is going to launch himself off the "shofa" (sofa).  Maybe the prayers now need to be for MY sanity...

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  1. That little guy (NOT "young man") is a riot! Prayers for your sanity will be needed even more when those casts come off.... the countdown is on!