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My Family
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Healing Continues-and Legos on the floor

Hard to believe but week one is just 5 more to go before the casts come off.
Each day is filled with more evidence of God's providence and healing hand in our boy.

He has been lifting his legs----sometimes straight up in the air...which is just funny.  Last night Peter slept with him and found him sleeping with one of his legs just sticking straight up in the air and sound asleep...he said it made him smile.

We had some visitors last night from church who brought cards from the boys in his "tent" at church--(at church there are no classrooms, the kids all have tents instead of classrooms that they meet in)---He was excited to see one of the boys and his leader Mr. Bart and his friend Noah, too.

Yesterday was a serious "Lego attack" at our house.

Lucas sat for hours playing with Legos---since he has been home he has received a few sets and has put them together.  He LOVES to follow the patterns.  But, we have 3 huge boxes of the loose ones from both Jacob and Isaac when they were younger.  He never really new what to do with all of them.  Since he has put a few more sets together recently he realized he can create his own creations from the loose ones.  He still prefers to follow the "plans" of the new sets, but we played a lot yesterday with the loose ones and trying to put new creations together.  We still could use some more "plans" for him to follow (which I have someplace in this house, but I cannot find).  But, it was a great discovery for him and a fun day of Legos...
So for all of you that have known us long enough to have purchased legos even 10 years ago.....they are being well loved once again.
..and yes, those grey boxes are filled with organized legos....I'm psycho I know.  One day when Jacob was sick 8 years ago, Isaac and I went home to take a break and he and I organized all of them by color, size,  etc.---Lucas LOVES this system cuz his personality loves that kind of thing.


the yellow structure on his lap is "Passion City Church"

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  1. I don't have boys so do not know the world of Lego Bricks, but just peeked at their website and they have an area with ideas for creating with the bricks.

    Have fun!